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Types of Financing

Equipment Leasing

EquipmentDon't let the banks limit your business opportunity!

We have solutions to help you get the essential equipment you need for your business.

Construction, Trucking, Manufacturing, Medical, Office Systems - You name it!

A Wide Range of Credit Offerings:

Embark Capital Solutions partners with numerous funding sources covering a broad range of credit situations faced by business owners. We tailor a leasing solution that fits your particular situation.

  • Good Credit - Owners of businesses with good credit, strong financials and several years of experience, generally receive the most favorable terms. Typical guidelines include business principals with a credit score over 690, three years or more time in business, good income history, lower debt ratio and a current average bank balance of "mid-four digits" or higher.
  • Challenged Credit - In these tough economic times, the credit of many business owners suffered while weathering the recession. Your current business condition may be strong and you need additional equipment to capitalize on an opportunity, but past credit issues are holding you back. Our "second chance" programs help businesses rebuild their financial strength, so they may qualify for better credit terms again in the future. Tell us your "story" and we will strive to find a solution that works for you.
  • Startup Companies - Most financial institutions do not finance companies just going into business. If your company is about to start, just started in business, or is in business less than two years, we have options to finance the equipment you need to be successful. Beyond having a viable business opportunity, a new business owner is expected to possess an appropriate industry background and adequate liquidity, either in cash reserves or equity in tangible assets.
  • Government and Municipal Leasing - We arrange lease financing to any government or municipal entity at rates subject to the credit rating of the municipality or government agency.

We are in the Financing Solutions Business!

We want to hear your story and look for opportunities to meet your financing needs. Give us a call or click here to send us a contact message.